3 Steps to Better Selfies

To take better selfies, you’ll need to know what makes a good shot. This is where lighting comes into play. You want a bright light source to avoid some common pitfalls. Tori’s selfie demonstrates this problem. Poor lighting makes the photo unattractive and unprofessional. Fortunately, you can overcome poor lighting with proper lighting. Follow these steps to take better selfies:

man taking selfie outside


If you’ve ever noticed the photos of yourself that you take with your cell phone are not very flattering, then you should try changing your angle for better selfies. If you’re looking down at your phone screen, you’ll notice that you have a double chin and giant nostrils. Your neck is also shorter, your jawline will be less noticeable, and your eyes will be closed. But if you’re looking up at your phone, you’ll notice that your neck is more pronounced and your eyes are more open.


There are several ways to improve the composition of your selfie. One of them is the use of the rule of thirds. This rule describes a composition as placing an eye on the intersection of two lines. These points attract the viewer’s attention and help make your photos more attractive. In order to improve your selfie composition, you can also adjust the angle of your shot.


Taking better selfies is an art. You can achieve this goal by learning how to properly light yourself. You can try using soft colours. These reflect light from the source back onto your face. Avoid using strong colours. They reflect unwanted colours. Simple lighting tools can greatly improve the quality of your selfies. For example, the Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light has over 2,000 reviews and received four and a half stars.


While it’s true that good selfies don’t need to be posed, there are some basic tips to remember for better self-portraits. The first and most basic of these is to smile. Using an overly fake smile will only undermine your effort. Instead, use a natural smile or a soft one. Alternatively, no smile can work too, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve.

Avoiding mirrors

If you have a new smartphone, avoiding mirrors for better selfies is crucial. Mirror selfies are often distorted, especially if you use a flash. A mirror also makes it difficult to capture the perfect angle. Try to hold your phone at a different angle than you normally would. Then, twist your wrist or extend your arms to get the perfect angle. This will result in a far better selfie than a mirror selfie.

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