Art Exhibition Guide

An art exhibition, sometimes called a “campus show”, is typically the room where art objects are presented to an audience usually for a short time. Generally, the exhibit is viewed to be for a limited period of time unless, as is rarely the case, it’s said to be an “open air” exhibition. In American English, they can be called “exchange” or “azaar”. Contemporary art exhibitions are a lot more common than they used to be in the seventies and eighties when European artists came over to America and mostly stayed there permanently. Nowadays, many contemporary artists still come over to the U.S. to make an exhibition while others travel abroad to make an exhibition which lasts only one or two weeks at most.

Most art exhibitions nowadays take place in the major cities of the world. Most well-known contemporary artists who frequently go on U.S. exhibitions include the following: Roy Lichtenstein, Cindy Sherman, Pollock, Jasper Johns, David Aberg, Frank Gehry, Jasper Johns, Frank Seropian, Timotheosis, Tom Wesselmann, Carlos Riba, Hectoriasis, Aaron Spectre, Peter Young, Tom McLaughlin, Florence Czersky, Peter Young, Tom Wright, and Pawel Melnic, just to name a few. These artists have exhibited at the following well-known galleries: The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Los Angeles, Tate America in New York, Saachi International in San Francisco, The Academy of Art in Chicago, The Phillips Collection in Boston, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tate Britain in London, The Saachi Collection in Tokyo, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The National Gallery in London, Tate Britain in London, Tate Paris, The National Gallery in Sydney, and many others. There are also smaller exhibitions held by individual artists or groups of artists from various countries or fields.

Private art exhibitions are generally invitation-only affairs, open to the general public. Usually you need to be invited by an art dealer, art consultant, or a member of the organising committee in order to attend the exhibition. There are usually a series of related events, such as complementary evenings, seminars, conferences, workshops, and lectures, which you can choose to participate in. Some of the most well-known private art exhibitions in the U.K. include the Saachi exhibition, held in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Education, and the London School of Economics Annual exhibition. Other private exhibitions are arranged by individual artists.


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