Creative Arts Theatre is Tampa’s adult, resident, professional theater company for adults. An all-star cast of 5 professional actors and an experienced staff of technical staff to create and perform original theatrical productions, inspired by contemporary and classic children s books. Each production is both innovative and original. Creativity and originality are at the core of what this company does. The desire to create original, one-of-a-kind theatrical productions that surpass the expectations of its audience are what have made them one of the most sought after theatrical companies in the Tampa area.

Audience Response Theatre (CRT) invites new and seasoned actors and actresses to submit their one-minute audition/performance of script in a dramatic environment. Audience Response Theatre audiences are typically comprised of one or more members of the public who wish to experience a personally-interactive performance by a qualified actor or actress. Performers may be required to “read” a script word-for-word, and then sing a short spoken dialog, or execute small hand gestures or facial expressions.

Creative Arts Theatre is a newer theatre company that also offers Drama Scholarships. This theatre company is currently seeking dedicated students to strengthen their acting and non-performing chops. If you have strong acting skills and/or a passion for drama, this may be the perfect venue for you to pursue a Degree in Theatre. Students study abroad in different countries are often able to travel, meet their acting coaches, and complete their required study abroad program in theatre after graduation.

Tampa Community College offers Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts (BADA). BADA incorporates the creative and performing arts with other coursework in communication, education, history, and psychology. Students are assigned varying amounts of acting, directing, and background work in order to prepare them for their on-campus or on-location acting career. The Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts is also a great way to help you develop your visual and performing arts skills. You will be able to work with diverse people and create rewarding and influential art pieces.

The Florida State University has the Bachelor of Arts in Acting as its third major. For students who are interested in pursuing acting performance or just simply have a passion for it, this is an ideal school for you to enroll in. The Bachelor of Arts in Acting requires three years full-time enrollment in a residential theater department or a performing arts organization. Your Bachelor of Arts in Acting entry requirements will consist of a high school diploma or GED equivalent; SAT or ACT; and relevant professional experience.

There are various colleges in Florida that offer a variety of creative arts programs. Explore your university centre’s Arts Programs to determine which degree or certificate program fits your needs. Once you have found the appropriate program, you can begin your career in the performing arts and turn your love of art into a rewarding career.

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