Types Of Careers In The Art Industry

Fine Artist

Craft and fine artists use a variety of materials to produce art pieces that are visually appealing or thought-provoking. They must have a strong creative vision and a good understanding of design concepts to produce work that is both original and unique.

They may be self-employed, combining their artistic work with another full or part time job, or they might work as an assistant to a more established artist to learn skills in specific areas of production. They need to be resourceful in finding new venues and events where they can showcase their work and sell their products.

Graphic Designer

Art-related careers involve a lot of creativity and great communication skills. Many independent artists work with agents and dealers to sell their pieces, while museum curators communicate with directors and other professionals to organise exhibits. Graphic designers also use their communication skills when they meet with clients to discuss project details or work with a team to create a piece of artwork.

Some graphic designers have specialized expertise, such as character design for video games, which is one of the fastest growing areas in digital art. Others have jack-of-all-trades skills and can do everything from designing physical packaging to mobile app layouts.

Art Teacher

Few careers provide the level of satisfaction and personal reward as art teaching. Whether you are guiding young students through their first experiments with clay or inspiring a teenager to pursue art as a career, the transference of passion and expertise is a powerful thing.

Most art teachers work in secondary schools, but there are some who teach at further education colleges and primary schools. Many teachers combine a degree in fine arts with a teacher qualification.

Art Technician

Art technicians are specialist individuals that possess degrees and vast knowledge of art. They are mainly found in school art departments and provide support and guidance to the students there. They assist with the preparation of various extra-curricular activities and lessons and are responsible for displaying artworks on a regular basis to encourage the pupils. They also work with the teachers to facilitate their teaching.

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