Wedding Cake Toppers Are A Brilliant Addition To Your Wedding

Wedding cake topper is the perfect chance to add a touch of personalization to your wedding. A wedding cake topper is generally made up of at least 3 components of the base or cake, the topper and possibly a jewel or ribbon which is sewn on. There are plenty of creative wedding cake toppers that can easily be created by yourself for an elegant and stylish look. Here are some wedding cake decorations ideas that you can use as a guide in creating the perfect cake top.

Variations On Wedding Cake Toppers

The rustic wedding figurines are quite popular these days. Rustic wedding figurines can be found in any price range and these figurines can be paired with traditional wedding dresses. To make the figurines more unique, you can also add natural elements like seashells, branches and leaves, along with other natural materials like beads and other natural flowers. Some rustic wedding toppers can be a single figure and some can be multiple figures which are set in a wooden frame with ribbons flowing around it. You can also find these figurines with detailed carvings on its body and feet.

The wedding cake toppers and wedding cake decorations can be created from different materials such as porcelain, crystal, glass, silver, fiberglass, resin, and many others. Most of these materials can be used to create a stunning variety of wedding cake toppers. These wedding cake toppers can be bought at a wedding reception supplies shop. You can even create them by yourself by using your own creativity and imagination. Here is how you can do that:

Make sure to select the figurines which are designed according to your wedding theme. You can find lots of wedding cake toppers that are specially designed for beach weddings. The bride and groom can both dress up in wedding gowns and take their picture with these figurines. There are also those which have little bags which the bride carries with her. The couple can have a snapshot together and display it on the cake table. These bags or figurines can also make the wedding decorations more unique and fun.

You can also choose wedding cake toppers which can represent your wedding theme. For example, if your wedding theme is inspired by an ocean, there are lots of options available for your choice. Among the options you can choose are shells, seashells, starfish, sea animals, and more. For the bride, you can have the image of a mermaid, which is adorned with pearl and bridal jewellery and other wedding accessories. For the groom, you can have an image of a cowboy which is wrapped in a wedding band and embellished with a heart and stars.

Personalising Your Cake

There are several different kinds of decorations, which can be used as wedding cake toppers. You can use a generic type or you can design and personalize your topper. If you plan to use a wedding cake topper that already has an image, you should bear in mind that the wedding cake topper may not look as great once you have embellishments all around it. For this reason, you should avoid using these kind of wedding cake toppers unless you are confident that you will be able to design and personalize it well. You should also bear in mind that certain types of wedding cake toppers can look better with certain wedding themes than others.

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