Tips for Nursery Photography at a Govan Nursery

Nursery photography can add immense value to a child’s experience in a Govan nursery. By encouraging kids to document their learning with digital cameras, children can document their journey from their unique point of view.

Govan nursery photographers can offer parents both print and digital copies of their child’s photographs via a password-protected gallery, often at no cost to the nursery.

Medium shot girl taking pictures with her camera


Lighting in nursery settings can be tricky. To find optimal results, it’s essential to find a bright and sunny location with good natural lighting while avoiding direct or harsh illumination. Furthermore, experimentation is key, as different light conditions can dramatically change the quality of your photos. For instance, a shift in sun position or changing overhead lights can have dramatic ramifications for final images.

Photographing babies requires taking them at their most content and calm moments, usually around mid-morning after a feed and nap. Also keep in mind that their level of relaxation will increase greatly once fed!

Nursery settings typically use a set for their photos, such as white backgrounds with studio lights, that you may be unable to replicate at home. Instead, look for rooms with plenty of natural lighting for photography and experiment with their lighting to see what works.

Your children could also take photos of the environment using their own cameras, which will encourage them to think about what they love about their nursery and make it their “home”. Furthermore, this establishes a link between home and nursery and also allows children to explain why certain images were chosen.

Set up

Newborn photographers should always bring along some items to help take the best possible photographs, such as blankets, stuffed animals, and other props to personalise each photo taken of a newborn. A rocker or chair in the nursery provides a cosy backdrop that works especially well when taking newborn portraits. Additional personal touches can include using special shoes for each child and their preferred outfit or clothing.

Not only should a photographer use proper lighting conditions for newborn photography sessions, they should also have appropriate camera settings. A low aperture ensures that the baby remains in focus while its background remains softly blurred. In addition, shooting in RAW format instead of JPEG will enable greater editing flexibility during post-production.

Ideal nursery conditions should include evenly-lit areas with ample lighting. Photographers should employ a tripod for stability when photographing, bringing with them wide-angle lenses to capture all aspects of a room and baby’s surroundings, bringing along a small stool for taking closer-up photographs, as well as having an additional strap available in case accidental drops occur.

Govan nursery photography sessions tend to last one to two days, depending on the number of children involved, after which parents can view and purchase prints and products online through a secure connection at their nursery. Once complete, their photos will then be shipped or delivered directly back home by their provider.

Getting genuine expressions

When working with children, it’s essential that you capture authentic expressions. Doing this will allow you to avoid the over-cheesy smiles often associated with children’s portraits; even a slight frown can often prove more authentic than forcing smiles!

At a Govan nursery photography session, capturing natural expressions is of utmost importance. Children may not be used to having their photo taken, and patience may be needed as they adjust. If you’re having trouble getting appropriate facial expressions from your subjects, try playing around with different poses and props until something clicks.

Think about adding a theme to your session—not necessarily an obvious pirate room (although that can be great!), but perhaps something like a colour palette or element could create the ideal setting for it all—for instance, incorporating beautiful rocking chairs, stacks of books, or special framed photos as backdrops may work beautifully for creating this setting for photos!


When photographing newborns, it’s essential that the infant smile naturally during the session. A genuine expression will look much better on pictures than one forced through. Children may be nervous about having a camera pointed in their direction; therefore, it is the photographer’s job to reassure them and make them comfortable enough so they can smile naturally. Incorporating toys and props such as rattle toys (particularly useful for toddlers) can also help get them relaxed and laughing; singing their favourite songs or rhymes is another great way of relaxing them and getting them comfortable enough so they will start smiling naturally during sessions!

Parents looking to include themselves in photos should try not to pose, instead encouraging their baby to interact and have fun! This will make the portraits even more special and unforgettable.

Newborn photographers employ various backdrops and props to capture the ideal newborn photo. While some photographers choose studio-based shoots, others capture real-life moments at family homes or simply use natural light sources from windows as lighting. No matter which style is preferred, finding a room with large windows for optimal lighting should always be priority number one; then add personal touches like stuffed animals or frame pictures to further personalise it!

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